Pyrus communis pyraster or Common wild pear


The Common wild pear only possibly a UK native tree.

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The Common wild pear only possibly a UK native tree.

The Common wild pear is a very attractive small tree that experts are unsure as to it’s credentials as a native species. Even if not it has been seen in our landscape for a very long time and has given rise to all the varieties grown as commercial fruit crops. It is said to be tolerant of a wide range of conditions including colder areas as well as urban areas due to it’s smoke tolerance. A nice pretty and easy tree to grow as bonsai.

This bonsai has a height of 39cm. and a spread of 22cm. At soil level the trunk diam. is a little over 2cm. and there is surface roots extending to 7cm. across. The existing branch structure will be easily built upon by growing and pruning. The style seems to be a combination of slanting and literati. The photos show the naturally very small leaves. The oval Chinese ceramic pot measures 21x17x7 cm. This is a rarely seen species as bonsai and was grown from seed by one of our local enthusiasts.