Norway spruce.


Norway spruce or Picea abies, chuhin size bonsai.

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Norway spruce or Picea abies, is more commonly seen as a bonsai subject in Europe.

Although not native to the UK the species is thought to have been introduced in about 1500 and as such is perfectly hardy and well suited to our climate. In the past it was extensively used by commercial forestry and has been developed into a wide range of varieties by the horticultural trade. It is one of my own favourite species for bonsai despite it not finding great favour amongst UK enthusiasts.  It has nice fine foliage and once well established and growing strongly it responds well to pruning and shaping.

This is a nice chuhin example the origin of which is unclear, it may have come from the wild or from garden material. It has had a limited amount of shaping so far and although the image is attractive as is, it may benefit from further refinement of the foliage mass. The trunk is starting to exhibit real signs of age. The bonsai is 49cm. high with a branch spread of 57cm. The trunk is 4cm. across at the base. The container is a plastic bonsai training pot 35x24x5cm. It may be thought of by British enthusiasts as ” just a Christmas tree ”  but in my experience the tree can be a pleasure to work with, it is especially nice in the spring [ when the photos were taken ]  with the new, young and light green foliage contrasting with the older, darker needles.