Mountian ash or Rowan, Sorbus aucuparia.


Mountain ash or Rowan is a very familiar and attractive native tree.

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Mountain ash or Rowan is a very familiar and attractive native tree.

The Sorbus genus is a large family of important plants varying from dwarf shrubs to large trees, they are split mainly into two groups, those with pinnate leaves and those with simple leaves.

With it’s pinnate leaves Rowan may be considered by many to have not a great growth habit for bonsai but there are a number of characteristics that we believe give it a rightful place in some bonsai collections. First it is a common and very familiar native species, as such it is very easy to grow and develop. If you can persuade it to flower it is an added benefit especially as the flowers will be followed by the bright red berries.

This example is a double trunked slanting style bonsai with a height of 56cm. and a spread of 55cma and will have been collected from the wild. Each trunk has a diam. of 3.5 cm and the trunk base at soil level is 12cm. across. It has been a bonsai for quite a while and has a reasonably well develop branch structure with ramification just stating to give a more mature look to the bonsai. The photos show the leaves just bursting from the buds. The pot is a plastic bonsai trainer that measures 36x26x9cm and whilst it looks fine in this we really think it good enough to warrant a glazed ceramic next year perhaps.