Japanese larch or Larix kaempferi


The Japanese larch or Larix kaempferi,  one of our favourite bonsai species here at the nursery.

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The Japanese larch or Larix kaempferi, has long been one of our favourite bonsai species here at the nursery.

Although, of course not a native species, it has long been grown in the UK having been introduced as essentially a forestry tree back in 1861. It is a very hardy species with good bonsai characteristics. Grows very well in our climate and is quick to develop as bonsai responding well to all bonsai techniques. We have sold this species over a more than 20 year span in the form of complete raw material through to specimen quality bonsai. It is always a good tree to start beginners with as it is so easy to look after. It is a type of tree where some deadwood is often appropriate to a design, it responds great to hard pruning and is quite straightforward to wire especially when done in the dormant period when needles are absent because it is one of the few deciduous conifers.

This well developed example will have been created from wild collected material or yamadori, as it is sometimes known. It is a very typical informal upright style with nice gentle curves in the trunk which measures 6cm. across at the base. Within it’s height of 65cm. and the branch spread of 60cm.  the bonsai shows a mature branch structure lacking only in further ramification and refinement of the existing twigs. This improvement can be wrought by growing and judicious pruning only but could certainly be helped with suitable wiring for shape. The pot is a Japanese oval unglazed ceramic that is 39x29x6cm.