Horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum


The Horse chestnut, possibly the most beautiful of large flowering trees to be seen in the UK.

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The Horse chestnut, possibly the most beautiful of large flowering trees to be seen in the UK.

Many may be surprised to learn that it is not native to these Isles being from the regions between Greece and Albania. It is thought to have introduced into the UK in the early part of the 17th century. Having been grown in this country for so long and being so familiar in our landscape it is no surprise to find that it flourishes in most locations. It can be spectacular in May when often covered in the ”candles” of white flowers.

Many enthusiasts feel that it’s strong coarse growth and large leaves make if unsuitable for bonsai but surely it can be okay to have interesting trees in a collection that do not meet the norm of tiny leaves and tight dense growth. It is easy to grow and has it’s own charm. Before Brexit we had a regular customer in Greece that purchased this species from us every time one became available. One day I questioned him about this to which he responded that the tree was such a familiar and loved part of his landscape that he wished to have it well represented in his bonsai collection !!

This tree has been a bonsai quite a long time. It was part of an established collection that we purchased a while back with many of the bonsai a bit neglected. Following a repot this tree is now growing very well. The leaves certainly are large but I can assure you that with the sort of pruning that we are unable to keep on top of here at the nursery, that is to say, consistent and regular pruning, the leaf size will  reduce. Meantime you have a substantial trunked bonsai with an interesting root base and established branching. The bonsai has a height of 70cm. and branches spreading to 68cm. The surface roots are a significant 22cm. across at soil level and the trunk diam. above this is 6cm. It is potted into a very high quality Chinese round glazed ceramic that measures 30x9cm.