European Mountain Pine


This European Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo) is a styled chuhin size bonsai.

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The European Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo) is an increasingly familiar species to see used in European bonsai.

Very commonly we see excellent yamadori or collected raw material of this tree, although this example actually originates from horticultural nursery stock. Although not native to the UK it is perfectly suited to our climate and as such is easy to grow and develop as bonsai.

We have recently given this example it’s first real styling which can now be built upon and further refined. There is a well placed and fairly mature primary branch structure with strong secondary branching which already supports reasonable complex ramification. The bonsai is 55cm. in height but nevertheless has the feel of a chuhin size tree. The branch span is 57cm. and across the base the trunk is 4.5cm. The container is a Japanese oval unglazed ceramic 35x26x5cm