Euonymus alatus or Winged spindle


The Winged spindle is one of the finest shrubs for autumn colour.

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The Winged spindle is one of the finest shrubs for autumn colour.

The species is a native of China and Japan and was introduced to the UK in 1860, since then it has become a popular shrub for UK gardens, due in part to the spectacular autumn colour. The family thrive in a range of soils and conditions making them excellent bonsai subjects even if they never make a tree sized plant naturally. On the whole they are easy to grow and cultivated in bonsai with quite good characteristics. Maybe aiming for the not too highly stylised image but more ” natural ”

Whilst this example might have to be described as an unusual shape it does we feel have a certain charm. There is interesting character throughout the image including the trunk base with the little bit of natural deadwood, a couple of shari on the trunks and the unusual winged bark feature which gives it the common name. The photos show the buds just opening into leaves. Development would be to increase the areas of fine twigs to fully capitalise on that forthcoming autumn show which will not disappoint. The bonsai has a height of 75cm. and a spread of 32cm. the trunk diams. are 2.5 and 2.0cm with the trunk base at soil level 10cm across. The oval plastic bonsai trainer measures 31x24x10cm.