Small leaved cotoneaster bonsai

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Small leaved cotoneaster bonsai

The genus Cotoneaster contains many common garden shrubs and that in itself should indicate that it is a plant that is very comfortable in UK conditions making it very easy to keep, grow and develop as a bonsai subject.
The Cotoneaster species range from prostrate, creeping shrubs, often these will have very small leaves making them great for particularly the smaller size classes of bonsai, to small trees with perhaps larger leaves. It also includes deciduous and evergreen species. A particular attraction of all the Cotoneasters is that they have very small white or pink tinged flowers followed by mainly red berries. Good autumn colour is also an attractive feature. All in all good bonsai subjects.

This example was certainly created from garden origin material and from the size of the trunk, which is 8cm. across at the base, must be quite old. Indeed the natural deadwood characteristics of that trunk are a main feature of this bonsai. It is a species of cotoneaster that naturally has tiny leaves as well as small flowers which are clearly visible in one of the pictures. It is chuhin in size at 32cm. in height with branching spreading to 43cm.  The way forward with this bonsai will clearly be to develop and improve the branch structure within the existing shape. The pot is a Chinese unglazed ceramic 32x23x8cm.