Common Juniper

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The Common Juniper (Juniperus communis), a nice shohin example of this scarce species.

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The Common Juniper (Juniperus communis) is one of only three conifer species native to the UK.

Not really often seen as bonsai, when they are they are perhaps more likely to be one of the varieties developed by the horticultural trade for garden or landscape use. This example, however, is from yamadori or wild collected material. As such it exhibits some of the unique kinds of characteristics that are seen in that sort of raw stock. Natural jin and shari for instance as well as aged bark.

Whilst this is certainly a bonsai created from yamadori material there is not much deadwood in evidence. Whether any jin and shari is added will be down to personal taste but it may well increase the impression of age if it is. Otherwise it is a nicely styled bonsai in the shoihn category at 26cm. high. We may list the shohin class as up to 23cm. [ the classic Japanese size limit ]  but we think it better to judge that sort of thing by the feel of the tree, and this feels to me like a shohin. The bonsai is 38cm. wide from trunk base across to branch tip and at the base the trunk measures 2cm. in diam. It features attractive flaking bark and a very nice, mature looking, branch structure. Not much more to do except perhaps refine the foliage area a little more. The pot is a hand made Stone Monkey [ Andy Pearson ] ceramic round that is 16x8cm.  The slanting shape makes it a very useful bonsai for a shohin composition.