Common hawthorn


This Common hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, is a chuhin size deciduous bonsai

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The Common hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, is one of the most suitable of our native tree species with which to do bonsai.

It is perfectly hardy with growth characteristics that lend themselves to bonsai techniques. To achieve the most natural sorts of images it is certainly a good idea to keep wiring to a minimum and to use direction pruning as far as possible to get desired shapes. Trunks quickly exhibit the aged characteristics so desirable in bonsai.

Although this tree is 48cm. high we nevertheless think that it has the feel of the chuhin size class of bonsai.  It has been created, some years ago, from yamadori or wild collected material. It features well developed mature branching that supports a good canopy of twigs and leaves. At this time it also exhibits a remarkable display of blossom, Hawthorn flowers are truly beautiful with a distinctive perfume, one would expect that a significant crop of berries will follow. The branching spreads to 49cm. and the trunk measures 6cm. across at the base. It was recently potted into the Korean ceramic oval 32x26x9cm. If you are interested in native trees as bonsai then Hawthorn is a must for your collection.