Colorado blue spruce, Picea pungens.


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Colorado blue spruce, Picea pungens is member of the Spruce family that it a native of the S.W. United States. It was introduced into the UK probably more as an ornamental species rather than for commercial forestry in about 1862. The attractive needle colour has long made it a species cultivated by the horticultural trade and varieties have been created.

This example of raw material originated as tree nursery stock. All that has been done is to simplify the branch structure to make it clearer how to proceed with a bonsai design but there is still lots of scope to take the tree further in that regard. How good the foliage looks with the newly burst buds contrasting against the older foliage. The material is chugin in size at a height of 34cm. spread is 54cm.  At soil level the roots are 8cm. across with a trunk diam. of 3cm. The Mica bonsai trainer is 29x20x8cm.