Chinese juniper, Juniperus chinensis


Chinese juniper, Juniperus chinensis, in the classic Bunjin or Literati style.

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The Chinese juniper, Juniperus chinensis, is one of the classic Japanese bonsai subjects.

Very often created to highlight 3 main elements in the design, significant deadwood both in the form of shari on the trunk and jinned branches, prominent live vein displaying the characteristic chestnut red coloured bark and green foliage areas arranged to best give prominence to the other two elements. Of course, personal preference allows you to create a bonsai to your own taste which may or may not incorporate all or just some of the aforementioned features.

This classic Literati or Bunjin style bonsai exhibits all three of the characteristics mentioned in the above paragraph. Certainly both the deadwood and live vein could be accentuated so is to be more prominent but that is a matter of taste.  The style has been executed very well in this Japanese origin bonsai, sinuous tapering trunk topped with light and airy foliage. There is clearly scope to increase and refine that foliage mass further to increase the impression of age. The tree is 64cm. high with a branch spread of 37cm. At the base the trunk measures 5cm. in diam.  The pot is a high quality, hand-made, probably Walsall Ceramic, glazed round that is 22x5cm.