Chinese Juniper


This is Japanese origin Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis).

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This is Japanese origin Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis).

The species is one of the classic bonsai subjects, has been shown to grow perfectly well in the UK. This example exhibits just about all the features that one might expect from the species as bonsai, jin, shari , strong prominent live veins and dark green foliage, the white deadwood, chestnut brown live vein and green foliage working well together. The live vein on this chuhin size bonsai is particularly pronounced and powerful, the deadwood beautifully prepared.The graceful and sinuous trunk is supported by a good root base. The mature branch structure requires only a little further development of the fine branching and ramification to produce a denser more mature canopy. The tree is 48cm. high with branches spreading to 40cm. Across the base the trunk is 6 cm. in diam. It is planted in a nice, round Chinese pot that measures 30x8cm. One of our most experienced enthusiasts (known as Caz) recently re-styled and refined this tree for us.