Workshop Details

Title: Caz Workshop
Date: 21/10/2023
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This is another workshop that we are staging where the very experienced ” Willowbog ” enthusiast Caroline Scott, better known throughout the bonsai community as ‘ Caz ‘,  will take the the lead.  It will be otherwise just like our regularly staged General workshops, please see paragraph below.  Caz has been involved with the hobby for more than two decades and during that time has worked with, and learnt from all of the more advanced teachers that have appeared at the nursery. She has had many of her own bonsai feature in both UK and European major bonsai shows. She will bring a wealth of knowledge as well as outstanding artistic talent to the day and we recommend you take the chance to work with her. We expect a Caz workshop day to become a regular feature of our workshop programme.

We resume our workshop schedule with some modifications. Due to ongoing  guidance there will be a  limit of about 8 participants to each workshop, at least until we see how things develop. We expect to still be able to create the relaxed and informal atmosphere that Willowbog Bonsai workshops are known for.

At our regular General workshops we are able to cope with a wide range of abilities from complete novice to more experienced. We provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere where we hope people will enjoy the day whilst at the same time advancing their knowledge and understanding of bonsai. The workshops are a combination of theory and practical work. Each month various seasonal and relevant topics will be discussed and appropriate practical work carried out on the bonsai brought along by the participants. If you are a complete beginner, maybe without even owning a tree, you will still be able to gain insights into this fascinating hobby by watching what is done to other participants bonsai and listening to the advice given. Bring your own tree or trees along, either to work on or to get sensible, informed, advice about.

Included in the day are constantly available tea and coffee as well as a snack lunch in the middle of the day. Our day begins at 10.00 am and goes on until 4.00 pm. But folk often arrive a little earlier than that to get set up for the day. The gates are open from 9.00 am. The cost is £40.00 payable on the day. Book using the link provided or by direct email- or telephone 01434681217.

Please only attend if you have made a booking, preferably using the Booking tab below, however, if you wish further information then ideally use email,, or as a last resort telephone, 01434681217. Thank you.


Bookings are closed for this event.