Rare update from Willowbog Bonsai

It is a very long time since I wrote anything for this blog about happenings at the nursery. I guess a variety of reasons too boring to go into now are behind it. Nevertheless, Willowbog Bonsai continues to flourish here in the back woods of Northumberland.  Workshops...

Seasonal closure

Willowbog Bonsai will be closed from 4.00pm Sunday 19th December until Saturday 8th January at 10.00am. Seasonal greetings to all.
The passing of Tony Suthern

The passing of Tony Suthern

It is with great regret that we report the death on Tony Suthern from Hartlepool.  Tony was taken ill at home a few days ago and died today in hospital. Tony was a regular at our Bonsai Chat get togethers and always showed a keen interest in bonsai around the nursery....