Tomorrow, the first of June, sees the start of the final month of Willowbog Bonsai as a business open to the public.

This satellite image of the farm including the nursery area round the house probably dates from the early 2000’s. We opened the doors in 1995. This year will see us reach 51 years living here, we still like it quite a lot !!

I do not intend to rehash the former post indicating the sorts of things we have done hear over those 29 years. The above photo shows Marc Noelanders at one his many workshops teaching here, he was one of many ” names ”¬† who have graced our studio with the expertise.

And our regular monthly workshops of which we have staged countless numbers, 3 more of those still to complete in June, all fully booked !

So, not quite closed but soon, if I am brutally honest I must admit to no sadness, Jean and myself are ready to be free of running a business, which, including the previous furniture business, has occupied us since 1977, I cannot do the sum but it looks like a lot of years !