Following a period when tree stocks had fallen a bit lower than normal we are now back to reasonable levels due to some recent purchase. I have started to get some of the new bonsai uploaded to the Willowbog Bonsai web shop.

We purchased quite a number of bonsai from a long standing Willowbogger who has sadly had to significantly reduce his collection due to ill health. Amongst the trees are several, quite well created Cotoneaster bonsai, cascades, root over rock and like the one above trees on rock.

Most of what we bought were shohin to chuhin size trees, so not too challenging to ship.

Quite a nice shohin Eastern hemlock bonsai.

A chuhin Mugo pine ready to re-style.

Chuhin size Wild pear, a pretty unusual bonsai subject, this one with lovely bark at the trunk base and the tree just needing a bit more branching developed.

A chuhin root over rock Chaenomeles speciosa, this will have taken a bit of time to create !

A fairly old Japanese larch with quite mature branching, also chuhin, another ready to be taken forward with a styling exercise.

A well styled Common beech, just needs a bit more ramification.

From another purchase is this quirky Common ash, not an easy subject but interesting enough to develop further I think.

From another source again this attractive three trunk Birch group, little more than raw material at this stage but already very attractive bark.

There are lots more, most not on the web shop yet, I find it hard to motivate myself to get trees in, photograph them, edit the pics on the computer and then upload them with the required blurb, it can only really be done on a wet day otherwise outside there are million things more enjoyable, standing at the gate looking at our Highland cows for example. However, if, despite the financial belt tightening you are in the market to add to your bonsai collection then please check out the rest of our online offers………………………….it helps to keep those lovely coos fed ūüôā