It is a very long time since I wrote anything for this blog about happenings at the nursery. I guess a variety of reasons too boring to go into now are behind it.

Nevertheless, Willowbog Bonsai continues to flourish here in the back woods of Northumberland.  Workshops are extremely popular just now with us having to stage one every Saturday except for the ” Bonsai Chat ” day on the first Saturday of each month. We have introduced the well known North east enthusiast Caz by way of our main teacher of the workshops. I hope to go on increasing my own contribution to the workshops as the year goes on.

After a very long pause we have just loaded a few bonsai onto our web shop which had been reduced to a pitiful selection, particularly in the light of the tree stock we generally hold.

There are a handful of wild collected Hawthorns.

As well as some outstanding smallish yew raw stock. To check go to

You never know we may get back to more frequent updates, although almost certainly Highland cows will have to feature alongside wee trees.