Yesterday, Saturday 21st December, we concluded 2019’s programme of events here at Willowbog Bonsai with a regular monthly workshop.













It was our second regular workshop of the month, two workshops per month looks like a trend that we shall continue into the new year, at least until we are able to properly gauge the need.













Three of yesterday’s participants had also joined us last Saturday and, as the initial discussion period was likely to repeat much of what we went through a week ago, ie. winter protection and what might be born in mind and carried out  to get bonsai through the winter with minimal damage, two of them opted to press on with practical work through the the start of the day.













Terry continued wiring his yew.













Scott gave Angela a bit of an assist as she carried on getting to grips with wiring on her larch.













Meanwhile the rest of us concluded the discussion bit with a look at some of the trees brought along for attention on the day before we all got on with some practical bonsai application.













Caz’s turn to advise Angela.













Whilst I talked to Paul about his nice Korean hornbeam.













Terry starting to get near to the top of his yew.













Kevin was the third person joining us for two consecutive Saturdays, here making a dramatic alteration to his little yew, turning it from chuhin size to shohin to make a better bonsai but perhaps taking a longer period of time to achieve the better result.













Angela just about prepared to admit that she no longer dislikes wiring quite as she did whilst not quite getting to the point of actually saying that she enjoys the process.













Norma also coming to terms with the need to wire, and wire well, if the best results are to be gained from some types of material, in this case a Japanese yew.













Some festive jollity crept in towards the end of the day, oh dear !!! he is a lovely boy our Scott.













I never thought that this blog would descend to the level of having to use selfies to illustrate the nature of our days in the studio here.













I never said that folks could have a good time whilst doing bonsai here !! it’s a serious business………. I think

Seriously though, it is an appropriate moment to thank all our workshop participants who have attended in 2019, indeed anyone who has supported this nursery in any way during the year. I rough calculation puts the events staged here over the twelve months at about fifty, almost one a week. Caz and Scott have helped me in just about all the workshops as did Willowbogger Dave H. on a few occasions prior to him moving to sunny climes, thanks to the three of them.  We are slowly getting the 2020 programme on-line but we certainly begin again on January the 4th with Bonsai Chat rapidly followed on January 11th with the first workshop of the new year, full details on the web site  why not check it out.  Have a good festive season.