The tokonoma display for last Saturday’s Bonsai Chat featured a bonsai from The Willowbog Collection.













The photo was taken a bit late in the day and the light was fading rapidly.














European beech or Fagus sylvatica, approximately seventy plus years old and a bonsai for about twenty five years.













The tree was collected locally by ourselves and sold as raw material very early on in Willowbog Bonsai’s life to an enthusiast from the Middlesbrough area. When we bought it back not many years later my wife, much to my surprise, suggested that we keep the tree for our own collection where it remains to this day. The ramification is coming along nicely and the bonsai is planted in one of Walsall Studio Ceramic’s lovely glazed pots. Apart from the initial work done by the fist owner and some further refinement by Marco Invernizzi when he was a regular teacher at the nursery, most of the work has been done by ourselves.













The accent was borrowed from Jean’s indoor plant collection for the day and has featured frequently in this spot.

















My one concession to the festive season !