Judging by the modest turnout for our penultimate Bonsai Chat of the year here at Willowbog Bonsai last Saturday Rugby was the winner even if England were not !











A few regulars managed to get their priorities right though so we did what you’re supposed to do on the day and chatted.











I think that three regulars appeared after the pointy ball event had concluded and we saw another handful of folk during the day so I didn’t feel too lonely !!











Willowboggers Antony and Peter actually spent the whole day working away diligently on a couple of their Scots pine bonsai so brownie points scored by them if not any actual tries.











As it happens a Scotty was the featured tree in the day’s tokonoma display.











A ceramic Highlander kept the pine company throughout the day.    Mr Komsta will be making another comment about my repeated use of the same scroll again soon, any suitable scrolls available for donation to the cause ?











Not sure what the tokonoma purists would make of the use of the coo as an accent either ! But Scottish Highland cow with Scottish highland bonsai must be appropriate surely ?












Indeed this Scots pine, which incidentally was very recently beautifully re-shaped by Caz,  and was sold on Saturday [ result ! ]   did originate in the Scottish highland where it was collected as raw material by the late Roland Critchley who was a bit of a pioneer as far as UK bonsai goes.











Also a bit of a repeat was the use of one of Jean’s ikebana creations using Crocosmia out of the front garden.

Our final Bonsai Chat of this year in about a months time, might be worth making an effort to come if there’s no rugby on as it can be a bit festive with possibly sausage rolls and mince pies on offer !!!