There was quite a lot of talking in easy and familiar ways at Willowbog Bonsai’s  October Chat yesterday.











John and Antony discuss something about Antony’s Scotty.











A different John helping neighbour Christine with a Yew raw material tree.











Sam carries out some routine maintenance on his Juniper.











Terry looking at his Juniper.











Was this his sign to Caz behind the camera that he was on his second tree ??











David taking a break with a welcome cuppa !











The were more here yesterday than this shot would suggest.











Well, Tyke was certainly here.











And a man with a beard.











This young man walked up and down outside all  day with an empty wheelbarrow !











And these were two, not so young men, watching Scott work.











The tokonoma.











Nice show of autumn berries from this Firethorn.











Tis the season of fungi in the woods.











Part of Jean’s ceramic collection completes this record of another day at the nursery.