Saturday gone was Willowbog Bonsai’s ninth consecutive monthly workshop. They seem to be getting more and more popular !













There are not many pictures to record’s the day’s events, those that I do have are down, as usual, to the thoughtfulness of The G-Man,  many thanks Peter.












We welcomed a dozen bonsai folk to the nursery, mostly died-in-the-wool regulars but we also had three new folk getting their first feel of bonsai really, it remains to be seen if we have wetted their appetite sufficiently to continue with the hobby.













Same old tried and tested format.













Topical subjects covered before looking a just a few of the individual trees brought along.













Nearly eleven and getting to the point where we needed to get on with some practical tree work.













There was certainly plenty to keep the regular team of Caz, Scott and myself busy all day.













For the three newcomers it was mostly about watching, listening and learning whilst others got on with the practical work.













I did get some actual bonsai work done, pruning a shohin Cotoneaster.













Image like this give a bit of a feel to how our workshops go, everyone talks to everyone else, comparing notes, passing on experiences as well providing encouragement for the newer participants.













The assistance provided by Caz and Scott make it possible for us to cope with the current demand for workshop places.













Of course, it will all be valuable experience for them as well.













As indeed, it is for myself also.













We are all continually learning and at Willowbog we do it together. Thanks again to Caz and Scott, to Peter G for the camera work and to all the participants.