Between September 12th and 15th we hosted four excellent days of workshops with Peter Warren here at Willowbog Bonsai.











Due to unforseen circumstance the following photos recording the event may well be out of sequence but they still give a feel for the workshop days.











As always each day began with a discussion about topical bonsai subjects followed by a look at some of the trees brought along by the participants.











Peter making a point about Peter G’s nice Sabina juniper.











Then it was on to the practical part of the day, Antony working on a Scots pine.











Taking a serious look at the options. Foliage mass reduced so as to better focus attention on the interesting trunk character.











Martyn also working on a Pinus sylvestris.











As indeed was Kevin,  it must have been a pine sort of day !











On to the next day, same format, participants hanging on every word.











As always the emphasis is on both advancing the participants knowledge and experience and carrying out practical work of their trees.











Plenty of trees to be dealt with. There is always a mix of folks doing two days as well as those just attending the one workshop.














Terry’s very nice Cedar.











Dan and Rowena learning about Dan’s Scots pine.











It is always a good idea on these workshops to avail yourself of the chance to look at trees other than your own.











Rowena getting on with work on her own Scots pine.











Terry had a couple of nice Cedars to work.











This tree is really starting to take shape now.











Two days of working mostly on smaller bonsai for Elaine.











Including this Juniper rock planting which turned out very nicely.











Homemade Keto substitute brought into play here.











Caz participated on this day. How about that for a table full out stunning Junipers ?











Refinement was very much the order of the day for Caz, hoping to get one of them accepted for next year’s Trophy show.











Sheila making good use of her two days of workshops.











Onto the third day now, we seem to be staying in sequence somehow !











Same approach, now moving on to a detailed look at some of the bonsai brought along.











Duncan’s collected Yew under scrutiny.












As always plenty of trees to occupy Mr. Warren.











Then on to some practical work. Janice with another Scotty.











Angela also has a Scotty amongst that table full somewhere !











She’s found something to work on anyway.











Dave also has a Collect yew in front of him, this looks more like garden origin material.











Terry’s second day and a juniper to work on.











Tyke’s not working though !  can’t blame him the sun was lovely and warm, might have taken a nap myself !











Duncan’s shohin Black pine with Caz and Scott looking on.











Useful looking turntable there.











Peter posing with a tree on the table in what might almost have been an advert, except that it’s a bit blurry, and his hands are obscuring the table a bit !











Janice watches closely as Peter works on her Mugo pine.










Sheila’s slanting pine that I know she was very pleased with as it turned out.










Dan and a Western hemlock, slowly  getting there with this tree.











This looks like the final day now.











Due to a late cancellation we were one short for this day.











Sam gets his nice Juniperus chinensis looked at.











He has made real progress with this bonsai in the last year.











Duncan working on his Taxus cuspidata with that unusual trunk character.











Scott worked on this Taxus baccata off our nursery benches.











Part of Dave’s second day was spent starting this Scots pine on a bonsai path.











Janice’s second day main tree, a juniper.











Caz also styled a nursery tree on this final day.











The tokonoma on that final day.











No picture of the first display for the first two days I’m afraid.














The bonsai is a Quercus faginea, newly acquired by the nursery, actually I should say re-acquired as we have just purchased the tree back.











A ceramic wren as an accent.














One of Jean’s ikebana creations in the side alcove.











Peter seemed to think that his pose added to the whole impression, mmmm











That Sunday a customer arrived at the nursery to find this cute little terrier tagging along behind their car. Thanks to the wonders of social media we were able to reunited her with her owners the following day.

My thanks to all our participants and to Mr Warren for continuing what Willowbog Bonsai has been doing for more years than I care to remember, helping enthusiasts with their bonsai.