Our August monthly workshop here at Willowbog Bonsai yesterday continued the trend of being outstandingly well supported.












Acutually there was more than just Bernie present here on Saturday, and I don’t just mean the rest of our Fold of highland cattle, who were here of course, all 13 of them !












Neither do I refer to Tyke, seen here chilling out on the mat, chilling in more than one way seeing as how the poor little chap had had his coat shorn off !












I do, of course, refer to the dozen bonsai enthusiasts who attended the nursery for this regular monthly event.













We had in the main the same folk that we see on a regular basis, but one completely new guy and a couple of guys that we are seeing more frequently since their fairly recent discovery of what we provide here.













We started, as always, with topical issues, dominated by the weather unsurprisingly !












Then progressed to a look at some of the trees brought along on the day.












They ranged from small, as in this attractive Ash bonsai.












To fairly large in the case of Angela’s Silver birch !












With that number of participants I relied very heavily on some excellent assistance provided by, in this photo Caz talking to Norma with Kevin S. looking on.












And here  we see the very experienced Dave H helping Kevin B with his Juniper.












Last, but certainly not least, Scott, in front  of John B’s nice Lodgepole pine.












In case you were wondering, yes, I did my fair share, here helping Ian W. with his cascade Cotoneaster.












Scott at Terry D’s nice Juniper with Penny observing and learning.












There was a great atmosphere yesterday [ there usually is ]  with everyone gaining from information shared. Caz with our newcomer Frank, one of his trees getting the benefit of Caz’s experience.












Angela waiting patiently for her Birch to be sympathetically reduced.












There was an abundance of trees available but most got looked at if not actually worked on.












It was a most excellent day that was at least partly recorded by Peter G very kindly remembering to grab the camera and take some shots, thanks to the G-man. My thanks to all the participants and to my three excellent helpers and again to Peter for taking the photos. Busy month next with all the usual events plus four days with the outstanding Mr. Peter Warren.