We had a pleasant day here at Willowbog Bonsai’s monthly workshop  yesterday. One participant was unable to attend due to vehicle problems which left four regular Willowboggers to work with myself on some of their bonsai. As usual Scott lent a valuable hand.










Unfortunately we only have a couple of images recording the day taken before most folk arrived. As usual Gary was here early and those are his bonsai on the middle table.










The studio tokonoma display for the day featured a nice old hawthorn and one of Jean’s plants form the house. June is going to be a busy month for us with our normal Bonsai Chat and monthly workshop as well as four days of workshops with the outstanding Peter Warren and then concluding with a pottery workshop with the equally outstanding David Jones of Walsall Ceramics, I will need to have a long lie down in a darkened room after all that !  Or maybe a few hours with the Coos.