Today Angela and myself spent a very pleasant day here at Willowbog Bonsai messing about with a few trees from her collection.










A total of five bonsai came under our scrutiny left to right, J.larch, 2 Korean hornbeams, Callicarpa japonica [ mostly likely this species of Callicarpa but not sure ] and on the extreme right on another table a European beech.










We purchase this E. beech as raw material in Spain 18months or so ago and I potted it into the Gordon Duffet pot it is now in, Angela has recently bought the bonsai and this was our  first proper look at the tree together.










Regular Dave T. popped in for a few minutes as we looked at the Callicarpa.  We did various things to various trees and ended the day with some deadwood refinement on the beech. I enjoyed the day and I hope Angela did also. Thanks to Scott for taking the pics and for the watering and for dealing with the couple of customers we had during the day.