Yesterday we staged the extra workshop for this month that we scheduled due to increasing demand. We originally had eight participants booked in but unfortunately three had to cancel due to ill health. In addition to the usual help that I get from Caz and Scott I, like at last weeks workshop, also had Dave H. assisting so the five remaining participants certainly got plenty of attention.










However, the only photos that I remembered to take were three taken before the day really got going, this one was of the trees that three folk brought along.










I did get a shot of the tokonoma display that I put together for the day’s workshop. Caz was not impressed with my choice of the larch for the side alcove, my response was that it was my display so I could choose what I wanted !










No criticism though of my use of this statuesque Hawthorn displaying good flowering, like a lot of flowering trees this year. Regular tokonoma viewers may be wondering if I will ever get round to changing the scroll , I will when I get round to purchasing  some alternatives !