We had nine participants on an absolutely lovely spring day for our regular monthly workshop here at Willowbog Bonsai yesterday.










With the sun beating down on the roof and the heat building quickly in the studio we had to keep the usual discussion period quite short.










Whilst most the others decamped to the fresh air Angela and myself braved the heat at least for a while and looked at several of the bonsai that she had brought along.










Kevin must enjoy a bit of warmth as he spent most of the day in the studio.










Although even he eventually sought out a slightly cooler spot in the new greenhouse, here we see long time Willowbogger Dave H. giving Kevin some pearls of wisdom. It was nice to see Dave here giving us a hand with the workshop for the first time, we are blessed here at Willowbog with a number of experienced enthusiasts always prepared to share the knowledge and experience that they have gained over the years from the range of tutors that have graced our premises.










The above also applies of course to my righthand person Caz, here helping father and son Barry and Antony, who were partaking of their second Willowbog workshop experience.










Meanwhile out in the great outdoors my lefthand person Scott was helping Willowbogger Norma with a Taxus baccata, not sure what point Norma is making by showing that she can apply the cutters without actually having to look where they are applied!










Kate also enjoyed a bit of heat inside, at least to begin with.










But even she eventually moved out into the fresh air where Dave helped her with a Meyer’s juniper, Juniperus squamata ” Meyeri ‘










Very intent upon her work !










In time Angela also joined Norma outside .










Even with all that help I did do a bit of work myself, here helping regular Gary with the first pruning on his yew raw material.










The G-man took many of yesterdays photos for me but we did record him working quietly away inside on his yew, obviously plugged in to some absorbing music as well.










We did have a lovely surprise yesterday when we were delighted to welcome back to the nursery Sue S who, as a very long time Willowbogger was making a return to Willowbog after several years of absence. We see her relaxing with The Proprietor over a cup of tea. Great to see you again Sue !

My thanks to everyone who came yesterday, to the participants and  my three valuable helpers, Caz, Scott and Dave. We have an extra workshop scheduled for next Saturday so we will see what that brings.