Having accepted bookings from a dozen participants for yesterday’s March workshop here at Willowbog Bonsai I was fully aware that we were in for a busy day.


And a busy day was what we had.


March of course is the prime time for the repotting exercise with most bonsai so with the amount of practical work that the participants were going to want to get through I kept the discussion [ chatting ]  bit to a minimum, only one and a half hours and I kept it focused on the main subject of repotting, probably the most important bonsai technique anyone carries out.


And so into that practical work. Scott helping Diane with her juniper.


We had quite a challenging repot for Penny’s yew that required a significant changing in potting angle that required the use of a prop and judicious use of screws to hold it firmly in a new, more upright position. The use of the prop prompted Penny to re-christen her yew ” pegleg ”  She has names for all her trees !


Caz helping Paul with a repot on his nice European beech group.


Kate, having travelled all the way down from Edinburgh for the day to join us, managed to get several bonsai repotted.


On the other hand Peter concentrated on just two, a Hawthorn and a Field maple.


In this photo Caz talks to Albert, who was doing his first workshop with us, about his Spruce repot. In the foreground you can see part of one of Diane’s larch, covered in flowers as so many larch are this year.


Caz again, this time with Kate.


A general shot from half way through the afternoon.


Not everyone was messing around with roots though, Willowbogger Angela got on with her first look at pruning this newly acquired and ex Caz Kashima mounting maple. Not a bad tree to add to Angela’s collection !


Darren was doing his second Willowbog workshop and got help from the Caz lass [ who seems to have been all over the place, thank goodness !! ]  with his Downy birch.


Now he knows which bits to cut off and which bits to leave.


Not everyone was working hard though !  Tyke just chilling on the mat.


This may look as though the assistant proprietor also took it easy through the day though a glance at the photo’s timing will show that this was right at the end of a busy day !


Caz’s lovely ex David Benavente Scotty in the tokonoma and planted in one of the late Derek Aspinal’s amazing rock pots.

My grateful thanks to Caz and to Scott for their invaluable help and to The G-man who participated in the workshop and took all the photos for me. Thanks also to all the participants for supporting what we do here at Willowbog Bonsai.  Next month we plan to stage two of these monthly workshops in an attempt to spread the load as it were.