As anticipated the wintry weather, particularly down the eastern edge of the region, rather seriously impacted our February Bonsai Chat here at Willowbog yesterday.


Unfortunately the weather was not quite bad enough to save us from ” The Malcolm ”  This is him smiling at the camera , don’t let young children be exposed to this image !!


Peter J , who is becoming a familiar sight at the nursery [ apparently since he gave up golf ! ]  braved the journey up from Bishop Auckland.


Apart from myself and The Proprietor, Scott and Caz were the only folk that we saw all day.


Scott guided Peter through getting started with the wiring of his White pine.


Typical British scene, one working and three watching.


Certainly my cows out numbered bonsai folk here yesterday in terms of providing conversation.


Where Caz goes so does Tyke, Caz took most of these pictures.


Getting some wire off a new Sabina juniper.


I would have helped but I had to think about the conversation I was going to have later with the cows when they got their bale of hay.


My tokonoma display assembled for the enjoyment of the mass of enthusiasts not here !


This Quercus suber, Cork oak, is really just starting it’s life as a bonsai so needs lots more foliage but the potential is there. Look at the character in that trunk.


The accent.


A re-styling job for Caz later in the year is this Pinus thunbergii  which was actually once part of her collection. I think all five of us enjoyed the day, hopefully we might see a few more folk in March.