Our first Bonsai Chat of 2019 was quite well attended here at Willowbog Bonsai yesterday.


Mostly it was regular enthusiasts who took advantage of this community day.


About half the folk brought along trees to work on but still managed a bit of chatting while they worked.


Diane certainly got a bit done on her trees.


Always a good idea to get moss, weeds and other debris cleaned off the soil surface at this time of year so as to allow a better access of air to the roots. Most death and deterioration of roots can be traced back to a lack of oxygen effecting the root cells.


As usual John seemed happy to just work quietly away.


Although not always to be found at his work bench, even John takes time out for a chat.


Antony also got on with some routing cleaning, in this case on his European yew which we have spent some time now allowing to regain some significant vigour before continuing with the shaping process. Getting there at last !


John G. taking an interest, or maybe talking about the political situation in the USA ?  Probably the former as discussion on sport and politics tends to be frowned upon at ‘ Chat ‘ !


The G-man’s Scots pine undergoing some further refinement.


We may have either been discussing the tree or putting the world to rights !


Young Mr. Ridley just got on with removing last years leaves from one of the Willowbog Collection Fagus sylvaticas, without being asked ! The bonsai will remain in the greenhouse for protection [ whether it needs it or not ! ]  for the duration of the winter, hence to safe removal of old leaves.


Caz and Len performing the same task on another of Mr. Greedy’s European beech.


Tyke gazing at his mistress wondering how she can find fiddling with those wretched trees so fascinating as to ignore him !


Our last photo is of Joseph and his coat of amazing colours, aka  Malcolm.

As is often the case many of the folk who participated in the day failed to be recorded on camera, either by accident or by design nevertheless it was a good day. Thanks all and particularly to Billy for taking the photos [ and doing the washing up !!! ] See you all next month on the first Saturday of February.