This upcoming Saturday 5th of January we begin Willowbog Bonsai’s programme of activities for 2019 with Bonsai Chat.


Bonsai Chat is an informal get together of bonsai enthusiasts from across the region. Whilst it is not intended to take the place of formal workshops many folk bring trees along to get work done that they may not get round to at home and to sometimes get help and advice from others also interested in the hobby.


Plenty of participants do not bring trees and just take the chance to meet up with like minded people and to just ‘ Chat ‘ about things, not exclusively bonsai. Increasinglky they are interested in what is happening with The Willowbog Fold of Highland Cows !


And even if they are not interested in the cows they might have to hear about them !


For the dedicated few that spend all day at the nursery we provided some refreshments at lunchtime. The only charge is a request for a contribution to our chosen charity which is Hospice at Carlisle.


For many interested in bonsai Willowbog is likely to be the only place that they actually meet to compare notes.


Some enthusiast hardly ever miss a Bonsai Chat.


That includes Willowboggers that also rarely miss any event of workshop that we stage here and we are grateful for that sort of support and commitment, especially if they seem to get as much pleasure out of the experience as this !


There will always be some who are just freeloaders…………………… not that I would include Tyke in this category of course !


Although his contribution is usually just to be around looking cute !


Of course the same might be said of Tyke’s owner , but then again………….. maybe not.


Here is the person who keeps the whole thing going, The Proprietor , my lovely wife Jean !


Of course her Assistant also does his bit !   So, interested in bonsai ?  why not join us this Saturday to make the most of your hobby, you may even be tempeted to purchase something !!