There was a faintly festive feel to Willowbog Bonsai’s concluding community day of the year yesterday.


Some extra special treats to be found in the refreshment room for instance.


Malcolm treated us all by wearing his Christmas jumper mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?


Although none of the photos really give a feel of it, we had one of the best turn outs for ” Chat ” of the whole year with something like twenty folk here from right across the region and a bit beyond also.


In the foreground here Peter and Jim made the long trek down form Ayr to join us for the day, great to see this sort of level of enthusiasm !!


Of course, John did what he always does at every Chat day and sat quietly working away on a couple of his larch bonsai.


He seemed happy enough to be interrupted by another John and clearly something brought a smile to both their faces.


Tony also did what he always does and tried very hard to find something to buy, rarely for him, on this occasion he failed and went home empty handed, immediately causing a cash flow problem for Willowbog Bonsai ūüôā


Looking at the Trident maple that is the final remaining Japanese origin bonsai in The Willowbog Collection and has recently been offered for sale following our decision to concentrate on trees sourced in Europe, which at least for a short while yet includes the UK  In the main they are bonsai created from raw material that we collected ourselves many years ago.


The Trident seems to have taken a bit of looking at !


Fred, who also had a long drive from Wigtown i the south west of Scotland to join us, brought this juniper bit of raw material that requires a bit of imagination to foresee a bonsai future for it.


At the conclusion of the day he clearly had developed an idea about how to proceed having separated  the remaining live section f the trunk with a view to growing on before re-connecting with the main dead part of the base at a later date, a long term project certainly.


David and Jane with a couple of their trees.


A smile also on Wilowbogger Antony’s face as he carries out a bit of needle reduction on his Scotty.


Another Willowbogger Tyke poses for the camera.  Thanks to The G-man and to Caz for taking the pictures.  Thanks also to everyone who has supported our Bonsai Chat days over the course of yet another year, how much long can it all go on ??