Having Caz and Scott helping with the four regulars and one newcomer made for a most enjoyable day yesterday here at Willowbog Bonsai.


Willowbogger Angela certainly seems to have enjoyed her day if her lovely smile is anything to go by.


Starting with the usual discussion of bonsai related matters as well as a look at some of the trees brought along . Regular Gary in the foreground.


On the left here another regular, Terry,  asks about the nice bit of yew raw material that belongs to Gary and was one of the trees up for discussion.


Caz’s Border terrier Tyke trying to get Norma’s attention, nothing to do with the fact that she always has doggy treats for the pup.

Thanks to Caz for the photos and to her and Scott for their help as always. Next up, four days of workshops  with Mr. Peter Warren, starting Thursday, cannot wait !! They are , of course, fully subscribed.