Our first Bonsai Chat of the autumn ?  certainly a few days in the past week have had a distinctly autumnal feel about them but Saturday itself was pretty warm, if not very sunny, in fact quite humid at times.


Len and Billy enjoying the convivial atmosphere of Willowbog Bonsai’s refreshment room.


Not sunny enough for The Assistant Proprietor to need his hat obviously .


Coming from Hartlepool, Peter needs to relax when he can.


Also from that same town we see Tony trying his best not to buy another tree, thankfully for us he didn’t quite try hard enough !  Not that Scots pine he is standing in front of though.


Putting the rest of us to shame, John and his neighbour Christine, spent the whole day working away on their trees.


Of course Caz was working hard as usual, doing that never ending job of weeding pots.


Caz’s partner Tyke, found it all rather boring, at least until lunch was served, then he became rather more animated.


And talking of lunch, right on cue The Proprietor appears with the buns.  Brian looks as if he can hardly wait, perhaps he only comes to get a feed ?


Mike and myself are clearly busy here putting the world to rights, another, often overlooked, but vital aspect of Bonsai Chat.


I hope that Scott is trying to sell that Sitka spruce to Martyn rather than just day dreaming about styling it !!


Mmmmm, I reckon the daydreaming bit was more accurate.


Antony seemed happy in his work, mind you, this was clearly staged with the cameraman, Peter G. as I never saw Antony working on his larch at any other time. By the way, many thanks to Peter for all the above photos, as one of the previous pictures illustrates, I was far too busy !  Several other participants do not appear here and, typically of ” Chat ”  some stayed all day and others just an hour of two. The whole idea is that you use it how you wish, work on trees or not, chat with others or not , make purchases or not    [ much too much of the ‘ or not ‘ going on in this particular case ] , go and speak to the Highland Coos, always to be encouraged !


I took these photos on Sunday morning.


The Common juniper, Juniperus communis, from The Willowbog Collection. It is not long since this bonsai featured in a tokonoma display but it has recently had a bit of work done on it so I felt justified in using it again .


Satsuki means flowering in the fifth or sixth month does it not? looking at the flower buds on this example might suggest that it cannot count !