Saturday 18th August saw us stage our regular monthly workshop here at Willowbog Bonsai.


I had accepted bookings from eleven folk but two were unable to attend which left a very manageable number considering that I was able to count on assistance from both Caz and Scott as usual.


We were joined by a couple taking part in their first ever workshop as well as five established Willowboggers and Dan and Rowena who now just about qualify as Willowboggers,    [ that’s always assuming that they aspire to join that elite group ]


Perched up there behind my new Ikea purchase , talk about delusions of grandeur !!!!  cup of coffee in front made for me by The G- man.


All the photos of the day are the responsibility of the afore mentioned G-man, is the message of this image that I look better behind a tree ? Dan’s little flowering cherry was even smaller a few moments after this photo was taken.


Peter G is definitely conveying a message in his choice of shot !


Penny’s developing Nothofagus comes in for some  progress analysis. It is not clear from this picture but the tree has a really interesting trunk and will make an outstanding bonsai with a few years correct work.


After a fairly lengthy initial opening discussion period it was down to some practical work.  Caz helps Margaret with her maple.


Scott with newcomers John and Linda.


Scott prunes back some dead branches on one of their little False cypress’s


Later in the day I had my turn, we actually turned the tree that is not in the photo into a really nice mame bonsai.


Talking Dan through his concerns regarding the Hawthorn that he purchased some weeks back.


As Rowena has only a very few trees she spent most of the day watching and listening, which is actually a good way to get a lot out of the workshops.


In this photo she sits in as Caz goes through some of Norma’s trees.


Scott stepped in to help with Dan’s Hemlock part styled tree.


The almost ever present Gary working quietly away.


Meanwhile Penny jots down some notes about that Southern beech after we had carried out branch selection.


Gathered round as we take a final look for the day at Dan’s Western hemlock.

Another good and busy workshop, my thanks as always to Caz and Scott for their invaluable assistance and to Peter G for taking the photos [ and making my coffee ]  Also, thanks to the participants for supporting the nursery with their attendance, as well as the purchases  that they made on the day, much appreciated.