We had a really busy day here at Willowbog Bonsai for the seventh Bonsai Chat of the year last Saturday. At one point in the morning a count revealed twenty enthusiasts all taking advantage of the facilities here to meet and chat with other enthusiasts from across the region. Unfortunately, and this will come as no real surprise, there is no  photographic record of the day, except for the tokonoma that I put together and remembered to take pictures of before everybody arrived. For once The G-man, who was present, and Billy, who only made a very brief appearance with Len, let us down !  Of course, if it is anyone’s responsibility to take photos it is mine, so my apologies to all concerned.


As the nursery had recently acquired some nice new shohin bonsai for the sale benches I opted to put together a shohin display.


I am not prepared to fully admit to the ulterior motive of it being a very good way to promote new sale trees to the day’s participants, but it is and the Juniper and the Maple had been sold by the end of the day !!!


An item from The Proprietor’s ceramic collection.


In the side alcove a Chinese quince, also a new bonsai. So a very good day and thanks to all who to participated.