I have recently been admonished by a number of folk concerning the lack of reports on events that have taken place at Willowbog Bonsai in the last few weeks ,  I blame the cows !!



So starting with the June regular monthly workshop.  We had one or two new faces join us for that Saturday, 23rd I think it was. As usual Caz was a great help and here she is taking Paul through the trees that he brought along.


Lawrence was doing his first workshop at the nursery.


He bravely allowed me to cut lumps out of his Dawn redwood group, anyone wanting to earn points by quoting the latin name of this species ?


Regular Kevin on his knees , just how we like to see our participants, though usually at the end of the day rather than before lunch !!


Back to back two lovey ladies, Angela and Margaret, working away on their bonsai.


Three wise men ?  Hardly !!!


The tree was Paul’s European beech bit of raw material. He brought it in questioning it’s bonsai potential.


A snip here and a snip there and in my view the tree has a great future as a bonsai. Repot into something bonsai suitable in the spring and it will be well on the way.


There were more folk but unsurprisingly we seem a bit short of pictures so on to the day’s tokonoma display.


The main bonsai was the Common juniper from The Willowbog Collection.


In a very nice John Pitt container that was purchased for an entirely different purpose.


The accent , well I am not great on accent species but it had a pink flower !


In the side alcove another Common juniper, this one off the sales benches. Entirely wrong to feature the same species here but ………….it’s my display and I can chose to do what I think looks nice !