Between Thursday 14th and Sunday 17th June Mr. Peter Warren conducted four days of workshops here at Willowbog Bonsai.


The man is consistently good ,  witness the fact that more than half of the participants of the four days have worked with him for several years now.


Martyn is one of those, and with the G-man sat in the background, represent just two of our regular attendees.


One of Martyn’s bonsai, a Scots pine, under discussion on the first of the four days.


Followed by Peter G’s Copper beech. As the photo shows many and varied were the trees brought along for consideration.


Young Scott, on the left in this shot, talks to Antony about the proposed thread grafting to be carried out on his Deshojo maple.


A sign that some work has been carried out !


Here’s a familiar face partly concealed behind her nice chuhin Juniper, the one and only [ thank goodness ]  Caz.


Meanwhile Caz’s ever present companion, Tyke, relaxes in the sunshine.


Martyn listening to Peter explaining something about one of the bonsai on  the table. We encourage folk to bring along as many trees as they want, not all will actually get worked on but all will get discussed.


The Thursday in particular was quite a warm day so use was made of the cooler ‘ new ‘ greenhouse with the door open to admit a slight breeze.


Friday now and some newer faces.


Terry D., almost completely hidden behind PW is a more recent convert to the Warren workshops. His nice juniper up for discussion on the Friday morning.


Peter explains what will be done and why during the day’s work, another Peter, The  G-man , studiously writes it all down for future reference regarding his own juniper bonsai.


Our workshops will always be part theory and part practical work, it is the only way for the participants to advance at a similar rate as their trees.


Peter explains a point about her Pine to Sheila from Scotland. Sheila works with Peter here as well as when he visits her local club Ayr Bonsai.


Terry gets on with the work on his juniper.


In front of John is a nice Japanese white pine that he received as a retirement gift and from the way the bonsai looked he is making good use of that extra time in caring for his trees.


Meanwhile next door two of our most well regarded Willowboggers, Antony and Peter, quietly get on with their work.


What can be said about Caz ?  been with us seemingly for ever, continues to learn [ as hopefully we all do ]  she is as enthusiastic about her bonsai as she ever was, in fact probably more so,  worships Mr. Warren , well don’t we all …………………………………………?


Saturday now, Terry back for another dose,  regular Janice from Edinburgh, and just creeping into the shot on the left Malcolm, Malcolm travels up from the midlands and was attending only his second workshop here with PW. However he assured me that he would be back again next year [ assuming that is, that Mr. Warren agrees to return to Willowbog ]


That all important initial discussion session where everybody learns something about everyone’s trees.


Malcolm’s nice Field maple.


What needs to be done and why, so that all of us gain more knowledge and understanding of what bonsai is, or can be, about.


A shohin deciduous bonsai now, I can’t quite make out the species from the photo.


Dave’s maple now.


Janice’s Zelkova, what to prune and what not to prune,  and why !


It’s all been a bit serious up to now, not like Willowbog at all ,  time for a bit of levity, sparked by who knows what, I was not behind the camera on any of these photos.


PW hidden behind the Zelkova, probably the best place to view him from.


Almost half an hour into the day and the discussion continues.


Terry’s nice Cedar with the owner paying close attention.


Jumping forward to nearly the day’s end and with Terry having spent sometime wiring the Cedar is ready for a tweek or two.


This looks like the start of the final day. Another of Malcolm’s bonsai, Scots pine gets the once over.


The timer on the photo shows that they got cracking before the stated start time of 10.00am.  I hope PW doesn’t expect an overtime payment !


This is Peter’s special ‘for the camera look’ when he should be concentrating on Thomas’ nice Hawthorn, purchased from a high reputable etc. etc.  Thomas was doing his first workshop with Mr Warren, hopefully not his last. Scott observes closely on the left.


Deep in thought !  probably about the cows !!!!


Willowbogger Angela, in amongst the foliage of her two Beech.


Malcolm gets on with the work on that Scotty.


Ian gets down to his lovely chuhin Satsuki.


Regular  Dave, who has been working with PW almost from the start, with one of the bonsai he brought down from Edinburgh.

So concludes the visual record of another very rewarding workshop session here at Willowbog Bonsai. My thanks to all participants, to Caz and to Scott and of course, a special thanks to Mr. Warren who will return in September.