At yesterday’s June ”Chat ” day here at Willowbog Bonsai, the three essential, and founding member Willowboggers,  were reunited after a few years of separation. What a pity we did not get a photo of them all together !


We were delighted to welcome back Mr. Terry H. after a few years where personal circumstance enforced an absence from the nursery. Great that he is still into bonsai.


The very recognisable Mr. Len G. of who we still see a fair bit [ there is a fair bit of him to be seen ]  although perhaps not as frequently as once upon a time.


And of course the unique Miss Caz, of whom we see far too much , I do of course jest as she is becoming more indispensable to the nursery as my attention is diverted to more cow related concerns. Going back to the early years of Willowbog Bonsai the three of them formed the essential core of a group of bonsai enthusiasts that enabled us to do many of the things we once did, such as show participation and bonsai promotions in various location across the region as well as further afield. It was a pleasure to have them together again at the nursery.


Thomas, to my left in this photo, was making his first visit to Bonsai Chat though not his first to the nursery , I hope he enjoyed his day and got some useful  imput into his trees.


Caz made some subtle changes to his juniper.


His bonsai packed up at the end of the day ready for home.


Here ” Chat ” ever present John H. snips away with Len looking on. In many respects Len has mentored John in his bonsai activities.


Rapidly becoming a Willowbgger John G. joins their conversation.


Brian does his Tommy Cooper impression for Scott and Peter.


This is Brian’s beech before his wrought his magic on it , I think the three of them made an improvement.


What is Jane pointing at from behind the pillar ?


Maybe she was telling Billy, who had the camera yesterday as he usually does, thanks Bill,  to record her rather nice Lilac in full bloom.


Towards the end of the day Scott got this juniper in off the sales benches to improve the deadwood areas, thanks Scott, as always [ nearly ] you did a good job.


Unquestionably a long established Willowbogger is Tyke, always well at home here but particularly attentive to folk at lunch time for some reason.


This range of images illustrates very well what Bonsai Chat is all about. A bit of everything really, some tree work, some banter and three old gits sat down comparing ailments !!

Several folks did not make it into Billy’s photographic record of the day but it was a good day, why not join us for the seventh Chat of the year next month ?