We had a somewhat low key May Bonsai Chat day here at Willowbog Bonsai last Saturday which was a shame as it was a glorious early summer [ late spring ] day.


So nice that regulars Jane and Diane moved their table outside to work.


Jane is half of our sole husband and wife couple of bonsaists.


I think that Diane has been doing bonsai as long as any of us but clearly still derives great  pleasure from the hobby as witness this photo.


Jane’s husband David worked in the studio and look who stepped it to give a hand with his Cedar !


Lovely to see the legendary Len Gilbert able to join us for the day and of a mind to get back to old ways of helping folk with their bonsai,  great to see you here Len !


Been coming about as long as Len to Willowbog is Caz, the best person present to help John S. with his juniper.


I might try to claim to be helping John G. in this photo, truth is I was admiring his home made tools , talented guy they looked very professional.


Yet another John, this time John H. a regular at our ‘ chat ‘ days and also as regular is his habit of just sitting down and getting on with work on his bonsai.


Mr Gilbert keeps an eye on what he is up to. Len has helped John H. pretty much his whole time in the hobby.


A few others in the background in this shot.


Many thanks to Len’s pal Billy for taking the photos, as usual I forgot all about it !