Willowbog Bonsai has just started retailing a completely new concept in plastic training pots for raw stock.

DSC04129 DSC04131 DSC04130 DSC04128

Made of a very strong plastic we have been impressed with the strength and rigidity of these containers, it is very hard to induce any flexing in the pot. They are being made in Austria and this first size of 28x11cm. will be followed by other, larger sizes, when the success of the product is proved. The design features pegs around the rim of the pot for the easy attaching  of guy wires to which enables the start of branch training whilst inducing less stress than by conventional wiring. But probably an even more significant fact is the multitude of holes in the sides and base which mimic the effect of the so called air pots where roots grow out toward the perimeter and instead of meeting a solid pot wall and turning to go round the inside of the pot, the roots grow through the holes and are air pruned which results in a compact well branched root system early in the tree’s development. This is a link to the pots on our web shop