After many months when I foolishly never made the time or effort to add tree stocks to our web shop we have finally got some forty of more new trees from the many dozens recently acquired by the nursery posted on-line. Hopefully more will follow soon. Here follows a small selection of those just added.


Quercus suber or Cork bark oak , really raw material but in the deciduous tree section by virtue of it already being in a decent bonsai pot, please check out the links if interested.


Common hawthorn, again pretty much raw stock but in a nice Chinese pot.


Sabina juniper selected on a buying trip to Spain late last year from an embarrassment of great bits of Sabina yamadori, that ”blade ” type of shari is phenomenal and now quite hard to find , the photo hardly does it justice.


We have had this Cork bark Chinese elm group a while now and recently re-potted it , it was originally half a much larger forest planting we purchased from well known Willowbogger Mr. Len Gilbert.


A recently re-styled [ by the very talented and renowned Willowbogger Caz ]  Japanese larch.


A chuhin size juniper.


A very simple but promising yew.


A not so simple, and outstandingly promising yew, one of the best UK origin yamadori yews we have seen in a while.


Another product of the Spanish buying expedition this interesting Scots pine yamadori.

More to be seen on-line and many more to be added soon I am determined.