We had five participants for Willowbog Bonsai’s fourth monthly workshop of the year last Saturday.


It was a gloriously sunny spring day and I anticipated the studio getting too warm as the day progressed. Nevertheless we started in our usual fashion inside with a discussion concerning current bonsai issues, most notably the rapid change in the weather and how our trees were responding to that.


This image showing Tyke receiving attention from regular Norma, will serve to inform that I was assisted, as I am for most of these workshop days now by Caz.  Scott was also on hand to help as and when required.


Here is the aforementioned Caz working on Gary’s mame juniper.


Gary himself getting down to cleaning the soil surface on one of his yews.


All five participants were regulars at these monthly workshops, Angela, in this photo, hardly ever misses a one. Early thinning out of foliage on her cedar.


Although Terry, to the right in this photo, was actually repotting the beech in the foreground, we took a  few seconds out to admire the response of one of his other trees, a Scots pine, to it’s first repot from raw material under the guidance on Mr. Warren back in March here, the tree is starting to bud up most impressively !


Quickly back to working on those beech roots.


Meanwhile Norma had moved her table out into the lovely sunshine.


She was a little disappointed that advised against repotting her nice little hemlock that we did a fair bit of work on at last months regular workshop here. Much better to give the tree another growing season in the washing up bowl. Norma is another lady that hardly ever misses .these days.


Not appearing in any photos because he was behind the camera for most of them was The G-man. Thanks Peter !

The tokonoma display for Saturday.


This Prunus spinosa is a customer’s tree left with us for repotting as well as some other work. It is accompanied by the ceramic Long Tailed Tit from The Proprietor’s collection.


Apart from supplying the Chinese glazed ceramic and carrying out the repot we have structurally pruned the tree as well as modifying the existing deadwood areas.


The side alcove featured a nice little Chinese juniper that was formerly part of Caz’s bonsai collection.

Roll on the May monthly workshop.