Mostly familiar faces at April’s Bonsai Chat here at Willowbog Bonsai last Saturday, the 7th.


Guys just chewing the fat, were we chatting about bonsai ?  I cannot really recall, but probably !


Looking for something on John G’s phone, in the foreground Antony actually seems to be getting ready to do something constructive.


Meanwhile in the studio a gathering of lady bonsaists, arranged around Caz in a clockwise direction we have, Margaret, Christine and Kate.


We are fortunate to have so many lady enthusiasts patronise the nursery, after all, it does tend to be a male dominated pastime.


Caz making some point by using the whiteboard.  A word about Kate in the pink, she travelled down from Edinburgh just for the day , something in excess of a two hour trip in each direction and was rewarded with a puncture half way home ! bad luck that woman !  She has been coming to Willowbog Bonsai for many years now, attending various workshops, notably with Marc Noelanders when he was a regular here, would that more enthusiasts had that sort of commitment.


On the left here another denizen of that fair Scottish city, Martyn, a true Willowbogger, as is John H. seated, and as always quietly working away on a tree.


Obviously enjoying himself.


The G-man, behind the camera, must have said something !


Two young men hard at it , Scott and Sam repotting one of the new bits of nursery yew raw material ,  thanks guys !


You would almost think that they actually knew what they were doing !


Somebody very much not hard at it ! Tyke is Caz’s Border terrier and pretty much does his ” Bibb ” impression just by being here !


The tokonoma display for ‘ Chat ‘


The Willowbog Collection flowering cherry, not quite at it’s best yet.


In a new and a possibly temporary and possibly permanent  pot as I needed it’s original container for a customer’s bonsai, the sacrifices I make !


A wee ceramic field mouse  beside the moss.


And finally in the side alcove one of my favourite bits from our ceramic collection, the African lady .

My thanks to Peter G. for remembering to take photos when I manifestly did not, another good day at Willowbog Bonsai.