Our regular monthly workshops here at Willowbog Bonsai continue to be popular with the region’s enthusiasts.


Indeed, if anything they are increasingly seen as both a way to increase participant’s knowledge as well as the practical application of that knowledge on their own trees.


With the experienced Caz giving me support on most of these workshops now, I felt confident in accepting bookings from ten participants yesterday.


Due to the time of year and the weather patterns seemingly encouraging early growth in our bonsai there was, understandably, an emphasis on re-potting at the workshop.


Peter G completed a somewhat tricky re-potting on  his newly acquired European yew raw material.  Although this particular tree had been re-potted at least once since collection as raw material, for some years now here at the nursery we have been looking to get raw stock out of  temporary accommodation of a wooden box or plastic bowl prior to commencing any serious shaping work. It gets perhaps the riskiest operation out of the way before any significant amount of time or work has been committed to the tree.


However, we did quite a range of other bonsai tasks as well as the re-potting. Martyn fiddling with his larch, by the way ”fiddling” is a recognized bonsai technique here !


It is a good time for structural pruning on some species, notably the deciduous trees. Another Peter making changes to his little pine.


Regulars Terry and Antony both had European beech to work on. Clearly not everyone managed to in the photographers sights mainly because we were all pretty busy all day, but in a very satisfying sort of way I think.  Thanks to Caz for her valuable help and to The G-man for most of the photos.