Tomorrow, Saturday 6th January, Willowbog Bonsai begins this new year’s programme of event with the first of twelve Bonsai Chats.


Bonsai Chat is an invitation to enthusiasts from around the region to gather together and meet other folk who share the same interest in meddling with wee trees.


Many bring trees along to work on or maybe get helpful suggestions from fellow bonsaists, such as ” bin it !! ”  Some just come to chat , free refreshments are available all day, well we do actually expect a contribution to the charity that Willowbog Bonsai has supported for many years now, Carlisle Hospice.


We endeavour to look after our regulars don’t we Tony !


We will also stage twelve monthly workshops aimed at a wide range of abilities from novice to more experienced. These days are almost always on the penultimate Saturday of each month.


Young Scott is often with me to lend a hand wherever he is able, seen here guiding regular Kevin through some deadwood creation.


The very experienced and knowledgeable Caz is now signed up to also assist at these workshops so all participants get plenty of attention.


Tyke is also present to promote the hobby in his inimitable way.


The outstanding teacher Mr. Peter Warren returns in March at the start of three visits to the nursery with each stint comprising now four days as opposed to the hitherto three days.


Thursday to Sunday with six folks each day gives us a total of seventy workshop places and it is testament to this gentleman’s ability that we probably have no more than three places left to fill for the entire year.


Although not yet scheduled we will look to see if there is demand for another ” Make your own pot workshop ” with the wonderful mud manipulator that is David Jones of Walsall Ceramics. This photo is from last year’s day which marked a return for what was once an annual event here at Willowbog


David, and his lovely assistant Esther, also proved to be dab hands at a bit of Highland Coo grooming as evidenced by this picture.


Again not yet in the diary but we shall almost certainly stage one of more workshops dedicated to the use and creation of deadwood in bonsai creation at some point in the year ahead.


I also think that it might not be a bad idea sometime in the spring to dedicated one or more workshops to, arguably that most important and critical technique, repotting.

However, seeing as how just writing about all of this activity has worn out this old git for the moment, we will get round to posting a full complement of workshops on the Willowbog Bonsai web site, at some point in the not to distant future although most are already there. Interested in any of the above ?  then check us out at that link or phone 01434681217 or better still e-mail