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Sawara cypress


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The Sawara cypress, Chamaecyparis psifera, is not often seen as bonsai but is a common enough shrubby tree in UK. gardens which will have been the origin of this example. The species is Japanese but we are much more familiar with it's cousin the Hinoki cypress as an imported bonsai. This simple little tree neverthless has good potential. The tree is 48cm. high and the trunk at the base is 4cm. across, branch spread is 46cm.  There are some decent surface roots at the base of the trunk that has that very nice curving sweep to it. Very little has been done so far with regard to shaping the branches, there are plenty to form a nice canopy, one or two basic jins have been created from redundant branches. It is potted in a rectangular plastic trainer 26x19x8 cm.

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