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European yew


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European yew, Taxus baccata, is one of our classic coniferous bonsai subjects. It has great characteristics for bonsai and being native is very hardy and easy to grow. It responds well to living in a pot and all other bonsai techniques. It is also probably the UK's old living tree species, the years of the most venerable examples being measured in the the thousands rather than the hundreds .As a bonsai the species will typically be created using three main elements, deadwood features using both branches and trunk, Jin and shari, prominent live veins and the contrasting green of the foliage areas. The extent to which you follow this recipe is, of course, down to your own personal preference.

Although the current height of the piece of wild collected material is 28cm. when it is styled it will certainly fall into the shohin size class of bonsai. It is quite rare to find interesting yew of this origin quite as small as this tree is. The only work done so far in bonsai terms is to pot it into a nice quality Chinese oval ceramic container 21x15x6cm thus the riskiest part of working raw stock into bonsai, that first repot into a small pot, has already been carried out. Withing that canopy of branches that spread to 26cm. there is wide scope to create a bonsai that is uniquely your own work. Branch selection, wiring and pruning will start the process of developing a branch structure that is in balance with the interesting little trunk that is 3cm. across at the base.

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